Administrative Guide for
DoD Personnel Visiting JUSMAGTHAI

Welcome to JUSMAGTHAI; we appreciate your support of the US Mission in Thailand. Please understand that, because of the excellent bilateral relationship between the USA and Thailand, and the priority USCINCPAC puts on maintaining this relationship, there are thousands of DoD TDY visitors to Thailand each year. Although we would like to provide seamless, full-service support for all your official requirements, there are budget, technical, manpower, and other constraints that require us to request your assistance in adhering to some basic rules and limitations. Please follow the rules below, and if you have any special requirements that are not being met, ask one of our staff to point you in the right direction.
- If you just need a short-term (meaning a few minutes/couple of hours) temporary place to work at a desk, please ask our staff for an appropriate place to do your work. Some JUSMAGTHAI offices have designated workstations for use by TDY personnel. Save your work frequently, as computer systems have been known to crash occasionally. If you need assistance operating the equipment (after reading the following information), please see one of our staff.
- If you will be here longer term, check with our staff about alternative/dedicated office space.
- Please ask a JUSMAG person before you start dialing on their telephone, sitting at their desk, using their computer or other equipment/supplies. JUSMAG is on a very tight budget, & items (such as long-distance telephone connections, Internet connection fees, etc.) that are relatively low cost or flat rate in the USA, cost JUSMAG high fees for every minute.
- Uniforms & appropriate civilian attire:
            -- Current policy in Thailand is that military uniforms may only be worn on military compounds, at field locations outside metropolitan areas (not in cities like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, for example), or when in vehicles in transit between these locations. You may wear your uniform when transiting through your hotel lobby directly enroute to/from your vehicle. Chief, JUSMAGTHAI occasionally makes specific exceptions to this policy under special circumstances.
            -- When uniform wear is expected, check with your JUSMAG host on which uniform is appropriate. Site surveys are almost always conducted in BDU's. Action-officer-level meetings are also often conducted in BDU's, while general-officer-level meetings are most often conducted in Class-B or equivalent uniforms. Ceremonial events are most often conducted in Class-B or equivalent, or dress uniforms.
Minimum acceptable civilian attire when doing ANY activity (other than PT) at JUSMAGTHAI or at the US Embassy, is long pants/slacks (or skirt/dress for females), shirt, lace or "loafer" shoes. Inappropriate attire includes: shorts, pants that are tattered/torn/"splotchy", flip flops, t-shirts, tank tops, clothing with inappropriate messages/images on them. For embassy visits/meetings, long-sleeve shirts and dress slacks/shoes are preferred, but not absolutely required. Ties are not generally required.