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Bangkok Bank - Direct Deposit

Bangkok Bank P.C.L.
Foreign Exchange Services Section
Retail Payment Services Department
333 Silom Rd.
Bangkok 10500 Thailand

Tel:  02-645-5555 (24/7)
Tel:  02-230-1323 (Direct Deposit)

Contact Us
Foreign Customers
New York Branch


DMDC Support Office
ATTN:  Change of Address
400 Gigling Rd.
Seaside CA 93955-6771

Monday-Friday, 0500-1700 (PT)
Tel:  1-800-538-9552
Fax:  1-831-655-8317

DEERS Address Update


Defense Finance & Accounting Service
U.S. Military Annuitant Pay
8899 E 56th Street
Indianapolis IN 46249-1300

Monday-Friday, 0800-1700 (ET)
Tel:  1-800-321-1080
Tel:  1-216-522-5955
Fax:  1-800-982-8459

Retired Military & Annuitants
Powers of Attorney & Guardianships



Defense Finance & Accounting Service
Cleveland Center
1240 East Ninth Street
Attention19th Floor Vault
Cleveland OH 44199

Tel:  1-800-321-1080
Tel:  1-216-522-5955
Fax:  1-216-522-6081/6358

Disabled American Veterans (DAV)

Disabled American Veterans (DAV)
VA Regional Office
1000 Liberty Ave., Room 1606
Pittsburgh PA 15222

Mon-Tues-Thurs-Fri, 0800-1500 (ET) Wednesday, 0900-1130 (ET)
Tel:  1-412-395-6241
Fax:  1-412-395-3085
Disabled American Veterans

Forms & Publications


DoD  |  DFAS  |  SSA  |  VA  |  GOV

CFRs  |  DoD |  SSA  |  VA

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Internal Revenue Service
Austin Service Center
ITIN Operation
P.O. Box 149342
Austin TX 78714-9342

Tel:  1-800-829-1040 (General IRS Info)

Individual Taxpayer Identification

Legal Assistance
DoD  |  USCG

Locator - Service Personnel
DoD  |  USCG
USA (Records)  |  USAF
USMC (Misc.)  |  USN

Medicare Part B

*** Annual General Enrollment ***

If you didn't sign up for Part B (for which you pay monthly premiums) when you were first eligible, you can sign up during General Enrollment:

1 January - 31 March
(Late enrollment penalty may apply)

To Enroll:
Contact Social Security, Manila
Tel:  +63-2-5301-2000 Ext. 9
Fax:  +63-2-8708-9723

Miscellaneous Resources
National Resource Directory

Department of Defense  |  Military OneSource

National Personnel Records Center

National Personnel Records Center
(Military Personnel Records)
1 Archives Dr.
St. Louis MO 63138

Tel:  1-314-801-0800 or 1-866-272-6272
Fax:  1-314-801-9195

Status Check:
Military Personnel Records


Naval Ophthalmic Support &
Training Activity (NOSTRA)
160 Main Rd.
Naval Weapons Station, Bldg. 1794
Yorktown VA 23691-9984

Tel:  1-757-887-7600
Fax:  1-757-887-4647
Retirees - How to Order

(Note:  Delivery only to a U.S. address.)

Office of Personnel Management

Office of Personnel Management
Retirement Operations Center
P.O. Box 45
Boyers PA 16017

Tel:  1-888-767-6738
Retirement Information & Services

Temporary Disability Retirement
DoD  |  DFAS

Social Security Administration

Social Security Administration
United States Embassy
1201 Roxas Blvd., Ermita
Manila 0930 Philippines
- or -
Social Security Administration
Unit 8600, Box 1610
DPO AP 96515-1610

Tel:  +63-2-5301-2000 Ext. 9
Fax:  +63-2-8708-9723

*  *  *
Additional Information
International Programs
Survivor Benefits

U.S. Embassy, Bangkok
Consular Section
95 Wireless Rd.
Bangkok 10330 Thailand

Tel:  02-205-4049
Fax:  02-205-4103
After Hours Emergency:  02-205-4000
U.S. Citizen Services

U.S. Consulate General, Chiang Mai
Consular Section
387 Wichayanond Rd.
Chiang Mai 50300 Thailand

Tel:  05-310-7700
Fax:  05-325-2633
After Hours Emergency: 02-205-4000
U.S. Consulate General

VA Regional Office - Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Regional Office


Centralized Mail Processing

Department of Veterans Affairs
Claims Intake Center
P.O. Box 4444
Janesville WI 53547-4444

(Janesville) Fax:  1-248-524-4260

Pittsburgh Regional Office
Tel:  1-412-395-6272
Fax:  1-412-395-6091
Tel:  1-800-827-1000 (General VA)
Veterans Benefits Administration

*  *  *

Additional Information
VA Health Administration
GI Bill
Life Insurance
Additional Life Insurance Programs
Mental Health  |  Suicide Prevention
National Center for PTSD
Survivor Benefits

*  *  *

Veterans Living Overseas
(Note:  To subscribe to the VA OCONUS Connection, use the sign up portal on the right side of the
Veterans Living Overseas page.)

VA Regional Office - Philadelphia
Philadelphia Regional Office


Centralized Mail Processing

Department of Veterans Affairs
Pension Intake Center
Attn:  Philadelphia Pension Center
P.O. Box 5365
Janesville WI 53547-5365

(Janesville) Fax:  1-844-655-1604

Philadelphia PMC
Monday-Friday, 0830-1600 (ET)
(Philadelphia) Tel:  1-877-294-6380
(Philadelphia) Tel:  1-215-842-2000
(Philadelphia) Fax:  1-215-381-3113


VHA Office of Community Care
P.O. Box 469028
Denver CO 80246-9028

Tel:  1-800-733-8387
Fax:  1-303-331-7809

VA Foreign Medical Program (FMP)

VHA Office of Community Care
Foreign Medical Program (FMP)
P.O. Box 469061
Denver CO 80246-9061

Tel:  877-345-8179 or 1-303-331-7590
Fax:  1-303-331-7803
Email (General):  IRIS
Email (Claims):
VA Foreign Medical Program

VA Manila OPC & Regional Office

United States Department of Veterans Affairs
Outpatient Clinic-Seafront Compound
1501 Roxas Blvd.
Pasay City 1302 Philippines

Tel:  +63-2-8550-3888
Fax:  +63-2-8550-3964
VA Manila Outpatient Clinic

*  *  *

United States Department of Veterans Affairs
Manila Regional Office-Seafront Compound
1501 Roxas Blvd.
Pasay City 1302 Philippines

Tel:  +63-2-8550-3888
Fax:  +63-2-8550-3944

Email (General):  IRIS
Manila VA Regional Office

VA Records Management Center

VA Records Management Center
4300 Goodfellow Blvd., Bldg. #104
St. Louis MO 63120

Tel:  1-888-533-4558
Fax:  1-314-679-3615

VA Records Center & Vault
VA Records

Vital Records
Thai Amphurs  |  U.S. Vital Records

U.S. State & Local Gov't Offices

* Items of Interest *

Retired Pay Schedule
DFAS Retired Pay

Actuary (DoD)
Office of the Actuary

Veterans Data (VA)
National Center for Veterans Analysis & Statistics

Credit Bureaus
Equifax  |  Experian  |  TransUnion

Cremation & Repatriation of Ashes
Bangkok & Other Areas
Northern Thailand

HIV / AIDS - Anonynous Clinic
Thai Red Cross Anonymous Clinic
1871 Rama 4 Rd.
Bangkok 10330 Thailand

Tel:  02-256-4109
Fax:  02-254-7577

Anonymous Clinic

The Red Cross
American  |  Thailand

U.S. Congress
House of Representatives
Veterans' Affairs Committee

U.S. Gov't - Official Web Portal
U.S. Military & Veterans

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)
National  |  Pacific  |  District 5
Australia  |  Cambodia
Ban Chang  |  Bangkok
Chiang Mai  |  Korat 
Pattaya  |  Udon Thani


American Legion
National  |  Dept. of France

Pattaya  |  Ubon Ratchathani

Retiree Activities Office (RAO)
Bangkok, Thailand

Hours of Service
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
(Closed Thai & U.S. Holidays)

Retirees and veterans are not authorized to drive or park on the JUSMAGTHAI compound.  Exceptions can be submitted to no later than 48 hours in advance.  Exceptions may or may not be granted based upon space availability.  

On-arrival requests will not accepted.

Our Mission: To provide assistance to U.S. Military Retirees, service members in Thailand about to retire, and eligible family members of the above.  This service includes maintaining this website with useful links to information and listing offices that can assist you in areas beyond our charter. This RAO is an official U.S. Air Force activity staffed by a small group of retired U.S. military volunteers.  We welcome your emails and can assist you and eligible family members on a walk-in basis.  We also maintain an RAO Newsletter (below) with useful information updates.

If you find broken links on this site, please email us with the broken link!!

How to use this website: The most important thing to know is that depending upon the web browser you use, some of the links on this website only work if you paste them into your web browser. So, if the link doesn't work, copy and paste into your browser. If it still doesn't work, email us please. Our goal for this website is to provide information for the most commonly asked retiree questions. We are not the subject matter experts for most areas, we provide you links to the offices and agencies who are knowledgeable. We are happy to answer your questions, but ask that you first familiarize yourself with this website, read each section, as it contains useful information. Please note the final section at the bottom of this page whch lists activities we are unable to perform, as they are prohibited.

There is a DEERs office located on the JUSMAGTHAILAND compound which will assist you. Contact them at 02-287-1036  EXT: 180 or 181.

RAO Director:  Tom Friend, MSG USA (Ret)
Tel:  +66-02-287-1036 Ext. 165
Fax:  +66-02-285-6228
Office Email:

Follow RAO on Facebook:

*RAO Informational Updates*

The RAO has a limited supply of U.S. postal stamps. You must purchase 5 stamps at the cost of 100 baht. As these stamps were donated, the proceeds from the sale will go to VFW Post 9951 Food Bank Fund. The RAO is open Tue/Wed/Thur from 0930 till 1430.


Agent Orange exposure and VA disability compensation update!!!! Three more presumptive condictions have been added.


"COVID-19 vaccines approved and authorized for use in the host nation will be covered by TRICARE, even if they are not U.S. FDA approved." See Link here


What are my Covid Options overeas? A link from TRICARE not necessarily Thailand-specific. The RAO has no additional info on vaccine availability other than what we have posted on this website.


Here is a link for you to obtain proof of insurance if you have TRICARE.  However, please be advised that the Royal Thai Government does not accept this document; we are simply providing you the link.


Apply for your U.S. passport renewal by mail!  The U.S. Embassy in Bangkok reminds U.S. citizens living in Thailand they are eligible to renew their U.S. passports and/or change their surname on their U.S passport by postage mail.  This program saves applicants time and travel expenses.  It is easy, convenient, and secure. You can prepare your passport application package at any time and the process takes approximately two to three weeks from the date we receive your application to when you receive your new passport book by mail.  You can learn more about this process on the U.S. Embassy Bangkok website page here.  NOTE....on U.S. Embassy Bangkok website page link, there is also a very handy infographic How to renew passport by Mail brochure that explains the information graphically.


Stay Informed, Stay Connected, Stay Safe! The U.S. Embassy in Bangkok and the U.S. Consulate General in Chiang Mai encourage retirees living in Thailand to enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (SMART).  The Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) is a free service to allow U.S. citizens and nationals traveling and living abroad to receive important information from the Embassy about safety conditions in Thailand, help the U.S. Embassy contact you in an emergency, and help family and friends get in touch with you in an emergency.  Follow the link here to enroll in STEP on its official website.


An uncomfortable subject, but necessary one.  What should we do to prepare for our eventual passing? The U.S. Embassy has information located here.


Next Generation Uniformed Services ID Card


Commonly requested handouts at U.S. Embassy.  Good info!!!


Preparing for a VA Disability Compensation & Pension (C&P) Exam? Tips for getting the most from your Department of Veterans Affairs-requested disability benefits exam" is authored by a medical doctor here in Bangkok who regulalry conducts these exams. His guide is based upon problems in preparation he sees from patients trying to get disability, and contains tips to overcome these. A second helpful guide is here. Highly recommended read!!!!!


Agent Orange newsletter is now online!!!!


VA's Airborne Hazards and Open Burn Pit Registry allows eligible Veterans and Servicemembers to document their exposures and report health concerns through an online questionnaire.

Eligible Veterans and Servicemembers include those who served in: Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation New Dawn; Djibouti, Africa on or after September 11, 2001; Operations Desert Shield or Desert Storm; Southwest Asia theater of operations on or after August 2, 1990


JUSMAGTHAI - Joint Support Section
Location:  Bldg. "D", Room D-109
Defense Manpower Data Center Support Office (DSO)
DEERS Hours:  " By Appointment Only "
400 Gigling Rd.
To make an appointment go to:
Seaside CA 93955-6771
Tel:  1-800-538-9552

Enter location: Bangkok Thailand

Fax:  1-831-655-8317
*** Closed Thai & U.S. Holidays ***

The JUSMAGTHAI TRICARE office is chartered and funded to assist active duty personnel and eligible family members.  The TRICARE Office, on a space-available basis, is able to provide limited assistance to the retiree community.  This assistance is provided as a courtesy, mission duties permitting, and only when TRICARE Overseas (International SOS, Singapore) is unable to answer your query.  If International SOS is unable to directly answer your TRICARE questions, JUSMAGTHAI TRICARE may be able to assist you.  Please find the coverage costs for TRICARE Select and TRICARE For Life here.

Notary Stamp

AT THIS TIME THERE IS NO NOTARY AVAILABLE - THIS MAY CHANGE WHEN A REPLACEMENT ARRIVES. Notary Stamp.  The JUSMAGTHAI Adjutant currently provides a no-fee Notary Stamp service (duties permitting). The notary stamp is not a seal is derived from U.S. Army authority that may or may not be accepted outside of the Department of Defense, particularly if those documents are used in legal proceedings. Determination of acceptance rests solely with the entity requesting notarization.  Further, if your document requires the presence of witnesses in addition to notarization, you must supply those witnesses.  Also, do not sign any documents until instructed to do so by the Adjutant.  If you desire notarization, please first visit the JUSMAG Joint Support section personnel that issue DoD ID cards--and tell them the purpose of your visit.  They will direct you to the correct office.  Remember, JUSMAG provides this service strictly as a courtesy.

Note:  U.S. Citizen Services (ACS), U.S. Embassy, Bangkok and U.S. Consulate, Chiang Mai, provide a fee-based Notarial Service ($50 per embossed seal).  U.S. Embassy:  Notary Services.

GI Bill

The VA recognizes many Thai institutions of higher learning for the GI Bill, meaning you can use your Montgomery or Post 9-11 GI Bill at these institutions. Frequently, only certain departments within institutions accept the GI Bill. To check which institutions and departments worldwide within that institution accept the GI Bill, go to the GI Bill WEAMS website and click on the button "to search by country, click here." Remember that to use the GI Bill, you must have a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) from VA. If you do not have one, you can apply at eBenefits.

No Staff Judge Advocate

Staff Judge Advocate (SJA).  JUSMAGTHAI does not have an SJA on staff, and hence, is unable to help prepare a Power of Attorney (paragraph 4, next section), Living Will (Advanced Medical Directive), or a Last Will & Testament.  You may consult an attorney or visit one of several online *free legal forms* websites and have your document(s) notarized (seal) at the U.S. Embassy / U.S. Consulate General, or chance using a JUSMAG Army-derived Notary Stamp.  U.S. Embassy:  Attorney List  |  U.S. Consulate: Attorney List.

No Commissary, No BX / PX / NEX, No MWR, No Military Lodging

The nearest facilities are in Singapore.

No Space-A Flights

Space-A.   The nearest Space-A is in Singapore although Clark Air Base in the Philippines is beginning to get more SPACE-A.  Visit our Space-A section below for more information on the Singapore hub, for the Clark Space-A here.

U.S. Embassy:  Notary Services.  (Note: JUSMAG does not have a Staff Judge Advocate on staff, and hence, is unable to assist with preparing a Power of Attorney).

Defense Finance & Accounting Service

Defense Finance & Accounting Service (DFAS)
Tel:  1-800-321-1080 or 1-216-522-5955
U.S. Military Retirement Pay
Fax:  1-800-469-6559
8899 E 56th Street
Email:  Ask DFAS

Indianapolis IN 46249-1200


EYEGLASSES - NOSTRA - If you are retired military and eligible for other medical services, you are authorized to receive a limited quantity of standard issue spectacles per year (click on header) for delivery to a U.S. address.  Email:

Social Security Administration (SSA)

Social Security Administration | United States Embassy | 1201 Roxas Boulevard, Ermita | Manila 0930 Philippines. Phone:  +63 2 5301 2000 option 9 | Fax:  +63 2 8708 9714 / +63 2 8708 9723  | Email:

VA Benefits - Education
Education (GI Bill):  1-888-442-4551
Contact Us (GI Bill)

eBenefits is your one-stop shop for online benefits-related tools and information.  This portal is designed for Wounded Warriors, Veterans, Service Members, their families, and their caregivers. 

VA Medical Facility.  *** None in Thailand ***  Planning a visit or relocation to Thailand?  Educate yourself now, before you arrive:  Foreign Medical Program (FMP).  VA Manila Outpatient Clinic Guam  |  Hawaii  |  American Samoa.        If you require medically-necessary treatment for a VA-rated service-connected medical condition, you can either pay up front to the caregiver and file for payment consideration through the VA's FMP (see next section), or obtain care at a VA medical facility.  Also, for a visiting veteran from the U.S., Guam, American Samoa, Puerto Rico, or the Philippines, FMP will cover emergency care for a service-connected medical condition, but normally not entertain a claim for a veteran who comes to Thailand to circumvent VA health care available to them where they reside (aka Medical Tourism).  Contact FMP directly to learn more about VA health benefits before you travel.

Death of a U.S. Citizen.  U.S. Citizen Services (ACS) (U.S. Embassy or U.S. Consulate General) is designated to assist family and friends in the event of the death of an American Citizen in Thailand.

The RAO advises that you plan carefully for funeral arrangements.  Local authorities have been known to hold bodies for long periods of time.  While the RAO does not endorse private businesses, we welcome reports of international repatriation services in Thailand.

      Survivor Assistance

Survivor Assistance.  Please see these links Survivor AssistanceWhat My Family Should Know, Casualty Assistance Worksheet.  These sources detail typical benefits and typically required information.  Numerous documents will need to be assembled.  Please include a cover letter detailing your marital history, insurance, and finances.  A cover letter helps remove ambiguity and quite possibly helps explain information that is needed to support applications for benefits.  Lastly, all Thai language documents require certified English translation.  Thai language and certified English translation documents are submitted together. Legalization of Thai documents is no longer required to apply for U.S. benefits.  But, Legalization of Thai documents is an option when applying for an ITIN).


U.S. State Department


Register with the U.S. Embassy.  American citizens in Thailand are encouraged, even if visiting Thailand for a short time, to enroll with the Embassy’s Consular Section.  Being that online registration requires a nine-digit Passport #, if you have an older seven-digit # that begins with an alpha character, do not enter the alpha character but do enter two "zeroes" before your seven-digit #.  In the event of an emergency, the Embassy will provide information and other critical assistance to U.S. citizens.  Registration is the only way to guarantee that the Embassy is aware of your presence in the country and is able to contact you and assist you in such circumstances.  Registering also provides delivery straight to your email inbox Emergency Messages & Announcements.  Registration is fast and easy and is highly recommended.

Consular Services and Visa Info

You must have an appointment for non-emergency services.  Appointments must be made on-line by using the ACS Appointment System website.  U.S. citizens who come to the Embassy or Consulate for non-emergency services, but who do not have an appointment, will not be able to receive non-emergency services, such as routine passport applications and renewals, additional visa pages, notary or report of birth services at that time.  Email ACS:  |  Telephone ACS:  02-205-4049.


Royal Thai Embassy, Washington D.C.

Consular Office
Royal Thai Embassy
2300 Kalorama Rd. N.W.
Washington, DC 20008-1623
Phone:  202-459-9536

Royal Thai Consulates-General

Royal Thai Consulate-General, New York
351 East 52nd Street
New York, NY 10022
Phone:  212-754-1770 (Consular Section)

Royal Thai Consulate-General, Los Angeles
611 N. Larchmont Blvd., 2nd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90004
Phone:  323-962-9574

Royal Thai Consulate-General, Chicago
700 North Rush Street
Chicago, IL 60611-2504
Phone:  312-664-3129


Some Things We Cannot Do

1.  The following referenced topics are outside of the charter and scope of the RAO, or violate established directives or federal law.

2.  Loan or Gift Money.  The RAO is not an aid organization. Limited emergency assistance is available through the U.S. State Department, U.S. Citizen Services.

3.  Promote Private Businesses.  The RAO doesn't promote, support, or endorse any specific private businesses.

4.  Political Issues.  RAO staff members acting in an official capacity are not authorized to contact elected officials.

5.  Copier Service & Office Supplies.   The copier is for RAO official use only.  There are numerous printing and office supply stores in Thailand.

6.  Employment Listings.  The RAO does not track expat employment opportunities nor do we participate in networking.  U.S. Federal Jobs:  FedsHireVets  |  OPM  |  USAJobs  |  VA Jobs.

7.  The RAO does not possess unit historical information although the local VFW Post 9951 has a historian. Concerning service treatment records during the Vietnam War period, hospitals in Thailand destroyed medical records five years after a patient's last visit due to the lack of available storage facilities for the immense volume of records created.

8.  Your Income Taxes.  We don't order or print tax materials, nor do your income taxes.  For IRS info, please start here.

9.  Consular Appointments and Outreach Schedule.  Links to U.S. State Department info are on this page.

10.   Intercountry adoption is governed by both the laws of the country in which the child lives and the country in which the adoptive parents live.  Important Information on Post Adoption Requirements and obtaining U.S. citizenship.

11.  We cannot recover, nor assist in the recovery of, your DoD or other passwords, nor reset accounts.

12.  The RAO regularly receives requests for information concerning Thai Immigration policy, but we decline to answer specific questions.  The U.S. Embassy (Bangkok) provides some information on Thai Visas for Americans.         

RAO Comment:  The RAO recommends you direct your questions to the specific Thai immigration office, embassy, or consulate having jurisdiction over your case or geographic area.  

As of 1 Apr 2022